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Connect your Electronic Medical Records application for patients with SiVIEW (API V2)

The documentation and a test sandbox is available here:


In order to integrate your EMR (Electronic Medical Record) application with SiVIEW, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Get a client_id and a client_secret from us by sending a request to:
  2. Call the /emr/login with your credentials and copy the access_token valid for one hour
  3. Put the token in the Authorize section
  4. Call the /emr/shops and locate the id of the shop you want to post a patient to
  5. Call the POST /emr/shops/{id}/patients to add a new patient to this “shop” and store the patient id
  6. You can fake an exam for that patient using the /emr/patients/{id}/consultations/fake-exam. This endpoint is for testing purposes and allows you to simulate an eye examination with SiVIEW.
  7. You can retrieve the eye examination results for that patient using the /emr/patients/{id}/consultations . You’ll get a paginated list of consultations for that patient with the latest on top of the list.
  8. Other routes can be used depending on your particular use-case


Fig: Authorize button